Garden City Ranked 44th of Michigan’s 50 Safest Cities

Garden City Ranked 44th of Michigan’s 50 Safest Cities

Garden City has been named one the 50 safest communities in Michigan according to the SafeWise Report. SafeWise is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based security firm which publishes the annual list for individual states.

The company uses FBI crime statistics, including violent crimes as well as property crimes, to compile the list. Only communities with at least 10,000 residents are considered. Read more.

New Information About the Party Animal Travel Show

New Information About the Party Animal Travel Show

Party Animal Travel had to make a change in our Spring Travel Show due to problems with Joy Manor. We are pleased to announce the new show information:

1) The New date of the show is Friday February 27, 2015.

2) The time of the show is still the same, 3-7pm.

3) The hall is “The Wayne Recreation Center” located at 4635 Howe Road in Wayne , Michigan.

4) If you have a ticket to the “Joy Manor” location, just bring your ticket to the show.

5) If you cannot attend, please call 734-525-9777.

We apologize for any problems and hope to see you at the biggest travel show ever!

GCBA Hosts Its Very First Holiday Mixer, and It’s a Success!

GCBA Hosts Its Very First Holiday Mixer, and It’s a Success!

The Garden City Business Alliance held its first holiday mixer at the Straight Farmhouse on Friday, December 12. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the holiday season and to meet local business owners in an informal setting. Many showed up for the mixer and became members of the GCBA.

Tony Grabanica, owner of the Garden City Cafe, supplied the food to an appreciative crowd. 

Mayor Randy Walker, Mayor Pro-Tem Jaylee Lynch, and Council member Pam King were in attendance, as well as, State Senator David Knezek and Wayne County Commissioner Richard LeBlanc.

Check out the photos from the Holiday Mixer

Garage Training Facility Owner Uses Life Experience to Help Others

Garage Training Facility Owner Uses Life Experience to Help Others

Tim Fredenburg of the Garage Training Facility in Garden City has led an interesting life journey, and had used that experience to hone his skills, learn his craft, and build his own business.\

At 17, Tim was offered multiple hockey scholarships, but decided to sign a contract with the Chicago Blackhawks. He began playing with the Blackhawks IHL team and moved to the Windsor Spitfires, but was traded to the Detroit Red Wings, and played for the Anarondac farm team. He did make it to the “big team” for three games.

Along the way, he studied martial arts and began fighting in what is now UFC mixed martial arts, and quickly moved to the professional ranks. A bid to compete in the 1984 Olympics ended with a career-ending injury which left him without the strength to skate again.

Tim has been studying muscle kinesiology and the effect on the neurological system for the past 25 years. He learned how to work muscles and started to develop his functional pattern training. 

He and his wife Dee  decided to open a personal training gym to help clients meet their personal goals. Tim said that he has a 99% success rate when students follow the guidelines and stay on task.

“I have more than 30 years of experience,” said Tim. I know what works and what doesn’t.”

Tim said he helps people to understand their bodies and their own metabolism, and teaches them how to manage their weight.

Not one to just be a spectator, Tim plays softball at the professional level and his team has won national titles and several World Series. He also competes in body building contests and has placed at the top in Mr. Michigan Contest and the Western Classics.

For more information, give Tim a call at 734-658-9372, or check out his Facebook page

Garden City Santaland Parade Marks 54th Birthday

Garden City Santaland Parade Marks 54th Birthday

With the theme,  “Christmas through the Decades,” the Garden City Santaland Parade  included more than 60 entries. The parade’s grand marshals were Miss Michigan 2014 KT Mavigliav and six Garden City medalists from the Wayne County Senior Olympics.

This year’s parade also featured four high school marching bands. Along with regular contributors Taylor Kennedy, Livonia Franklin and Garden City, the award winning Oak Park Marching Knights participated for the first time ever.

And of course, the most important guest of honor, Santa Claus, got an enthusiastic reception from his fans young and old.

See photos from the parade.

November Meeting: GCBA Moves Forward With Organizational Steps

November Meeting: GCBA Moves Forward With Organizational Steps

The November 7, 2014 GCBA meeting detailed the changes that the GCBA is going through as it moves forward with the formal establishment of its existence.

With the help of State Senator David Knezek and the Small Business Association, the initial steps have begun toward becoming a 5013c organization. With the tax I.D. number a checking account can be opened.

The SBA also suggested that the GCBA develop a set of bylaws and articles of incorporation. Sen. Knezek and the Straight Farmhouse’s Mark Hammer have offered to help. Hammer went through the process with the Straight Farmhouse several years ago.

Future activities for the GCBA were discussed including a Dine & Dash, Sidewalk Sake and Business Expo. Committees to explore these ideas more thoroughly will be formed at the January meeting.

There will be no December’s meeting, instead there will be a Holiday Mixer at the Straight Farmhouse on December 12, at 6:00 pm. Prospective GCBA members from the Garden City business community will be invited to attend.

The GCBA will also be part of this year’s Santaland Parade on November 29 at 10:00 pm. GCBA members will be marching with the organization banner.

How Does Your Site Look on a Phone? A Tablet? It’s Important to Know

How Does Your Site Look on a Phone? A Tablet? It’s Important to Know

By Katherine Palmer
President of Palmerworks

According to recent Pew Research results, 63% of cell phone owners now go online using their mobile phones. According to this Media Post article…

Since 91% of Americans are cell phone owners, this means that 57% of all Americans now go online using a mobile phone. The steady increase in cell phone internet usage follows a similar growth trajectory for smartphone ownership. Over half of all adults (56%) now own a smartphone, and 93% of these smartphone owners use their phone to go online.

Wow – that’s 6 in 10 cell phone users. Now, more than ever, it’s important for your website to be a mobile-friendly experience.

Think about how often you use your phone or tablet on the road. As the passenger, I’m always looking up restaurants and businesses in the area while my husband drives. Don’t you look up the menu and prices before trying a new restaurant? When traveling, wouldn’t you like to see the reviews of a motel before staying there? How about that local small business that sells the widget you need – what hours are they open? and where exactly is that store located?

Face it. Checking out businesses and eateries on your phone has become second nature.

When your potential clients look for your site, will they be able to read it on the small screen? Try this mobile phone emulator to find out.

Since 2012, Palmerworks has designed all of our new client sites in a format that looks good on a smart phone, tablet, and your personal computer. This is called responsive design. Check out the GCBA website on your phone. It’s done using responsive design as well.